The owner of Olympiakos Vangelis Marinakis after the game of Olympiacos against Volos made the following statement:

«The drop in the glass of injustice, nastiness and wrong-doing of the Greek football has overflown. I will not be watching this as a spectator anymore neither myself nor Olympiacos fans.

Theses football “excrements” that are starring such as Savvidis, Kalpazidis, Panopoulos, Beos and their fellows are not complying with any rules and legality likewise Grammenos, Pereira and the rest for their cast have destroyed the credibility of the Greek football.

Olympiacos will not be participating anymore in this comedy nor will be fund it through the payments to HFF, unless there are immediate changes to specific people by UEFA.

This is the time that those who are responsible will have to eat these football “excrements” if they want to be moving forward».