As was demonstrated in the latest OSCE study, which was conducted through the PISA programme, Greece’s educational system is ailing.

An in-depth and sweeping reform that will review all aspects of the system is necessary.

Such a reform could not possibly leave out those who are entrusted with transmitting knowledge – educators.

Educators are responsible for teaching and evaluating their students. Hence, it is they who should seek out further education for professionals. As participants in such a process, they have absolutely no reason to be afraid of evaluation. On the contrary, evaluation will offer the motivation that teachers want but they face obstacles such as routine and the dysfunctions of the educational system.

Education is a dynamic process and requires constant changes to retain its dynamic character.

With that in mind, the educational system must change as life itself does. That is a two-way relationship. Life changes because our educational mores change.

Consequently, educators must become pioneers in implementing these changes. As students they themselves challenged the educational system.

Educators must now teach their students to love learning.