A tax system that is unjust cannot be functional.

specially in periods of over-taxation which Greece experienced in recent years taxpayers that have shouldered the bulk of the burden have carried a weight that does not correspond to the value of their wealth.

The ENFIA real estate tax is the latest example. Luxury villas on islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete and Corfu, and even Attica pay as much ENFIA tax as one pays on a small apartment in the neighbourhoods of Peristeri or Kallithea.

Hence, wealthy real estate owners are not taxed because the system of real estate taxes has not been extended to the entire country.

In other words wealthy real estate owners remain untaxed because the system of “objective” valuations has not extended to the entire country, especially to areas outside of city plans.

This dysfunction must be corrected. Every effort must be made for the system in the coming year to regain the just character that it must have.

Beyond the restoration of trust in the judiciary, the state will benefit economically.

The amounts that have been lost over all these years from villas of 250 to 300 sq metres from owners who pay only 350 euros in tax is quite substantial.

Can there be any greater proof of the fact that the burden of the wealthy is passed on simply and unjustly to the poorer?