One can well understand the reasons why the government stressed the issue of security at universities and in the neighbourhood of Exarheia.In Exarheia and at universities one has seen the most glaring examples of lawlessness.

Hence, the government wants to transform these two loci of lawlessness into an example of peaceful everyday life.

As Ta Nea reports, however, the problem involves the broader Athens city centre.

Lesser and greater crimes are occurring in central Athens and are battering residents and businesses.

Dozens of automobiles around Omonia and Kaniggos Squares and in Thiseio have been targeted. Police that patrol these areas have proven unable to address the problem.

Yet the issue must be confronted immediately. It is inconceivble for the centre of a capital to be handed over to criminals.

Residents and businessmen cannot live in a state of terror.

That is not because the city centre is a showcase but rather because it is the gauge of the city’s vibrancy or decline.

At long last the capital must be allowed to flourish and a secure city centre is a precondition for that.