The conditions in Greek prison have exceeded all limits.

One sees escapes, violent clashes, murders, suicides, ane all manner of illegality.

Moreover, cells phones are used freely and inmates even post videos on Facebook.

For the preious government all this seemed natural. “Don’t you watch movies?” ex-finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos quipped recently on a television panel, referring to “Prison Break”.

The current citizen’s protection minister has a different view. He aims first to move the central Korydallos prison to a more suitable space.

Yet, that is not enough.

A complex of courts will be created in the new facility where important trials can be conducted so as to avoid the transfers of dangerous prisoners and avert escapes.

To ensure better security at correctional facilities 200-250 guards will be hired, and mobile phone jammers will be installed so as to block the communication of inmates with accomplices outside.

These measures along with plans for the re-establishment of maxium security prisons and a new furlough regime must not have a vindictive character.

The purpose of imprisonment is correctional and eventually the prisoner’s smooth re-integration in society.

What is required is a plan for the controlled decongestion of prisons and the improvement of prisoners’ living conditions.

However, prisons are not hotels and the free action of various Mafias that operate within them cannot be tolerated, for the good of prisoners and the country.