In the past the incoming government used to declare that it received scorched earth from the previous one.

This government did not succumb to that temptation.

Yet there can be no doubt that there are many problems affecting our country and the previous government bequeathed to its successor some very pressing issues which suggest that the post-electoral euphoria will not last very long.

One such hot potato is banks’ non-performing loans (NPLs) and another is the Public Power Corporation (PPC).

NPLs are a huge threat to the banking system and PPC constitutes a threat to the entire economy.

The magnitude of the threat is so great that not a minute can be lost.

Everything that was not done yesterday must be done immediately and not tomorrow.

The country seems to slowly be leaving the crisis behind but a state of emergency exists in various sectors which could set alight a new fire.

What is needed is a plan and immediate action.

The return to normalcy cannot come with slow steps. A swift pace is needed.

The new government appears to have understood that and so one can hope that this understanding can produce palpable results.


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