When the prime minister was rising to power he uttered the unforgettable slogan, “Go back Madam Merkel!”

That cry epitomised the government’s aggressive and as it turned out counter-productive stance toward Greece’s partners.

The inglorious end of the demonisation operation was a humiliating capitulation, which was accompanied by a radical change in the stance of the PM.

The putative sworn enemy of creditors became their “delivery boy”, as MP Evangelos Venizelos declared.

The sharp characterisation is no exaggeration.

It is well known that the Tsipras administration was the most pliant and convenient of all bailout memorandum-era governments for the country’s creditors.

They returned the favour with kudos and compliments that none of the previous governments had enjoyed.

European officials in unison praised the PM’s dedication to meeting the commitments of the adjustment programme that Mr. Tsipras and creditors had signed.

After being trounced in European and local elections and following the European Commission’s warnings that announced social benefits and handouts would create a hole in the budget, the PM is again resorting to his tried and tested method of demonisation.

He suddenly discovered extreme, conservative circles in Brussels and in the old regime in Greece which allegedly dream of a return to austerity and bailout memorandums.

That stance is anything but responsible in handling the affairs of the country.

It also demonstrates that, despite his assurances to the contrary, Mr. Tsipras does not know how to lose, as every politician in a democracy must.



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