The conclusions of a report drafted by UN experts and made public yesterday are crystal clear.

The destruction of the climate is unavoidable if we do not overhaul our models of production and consumption.

It is patently obvious that it cannot be that 145 experts from 59 countries are wrong but those who deny climate change – unfortunately including US President Donald Trump – are right.

That means that there is no time to lose. The warnings of experts on the effects of climate change on food supply, food safety, health, and the quality of life globally must be viewed as a resounding alarm bell in order to take immediate action.

Any delay from now on is criminal.

It would be wrong to think that such action concerns only the great economies which are chiefly responsible for environmental pollution.

Action involves both taking measures and pressuring for measures to be taken.

Governments and civil society have a say about the fate of a planet that has become a global village.

Climate change does not involve only the main culprits.

It concerns all of us because no one will remain unscathed – either in this generation or future ones – in the coming catastrophe.