The most recent opinion polls indicate that the government’s efforts to turn the political tide are constantly missing the mark.

Its narrative about a return to normalcy and its handouts are not persuading voters as the vast majority have already made their decisions.

The government has no right just for the sake of keeping its hope alive to marshal means that undermine the smooth functioning of democracy and blow the political climate out of the water.

Unfortunately, the ruling party seems once again to be placing its narrow partisan interests above all and is tampering with institutions.

The road to the general election will pass through the justice system as judicial and legal circles told Ta Nea, referring to a number of judicial inquiries over the last months that could have serious political repercussions.

Scandal-mongering seriously harms democracy. It is more seriously injured by efforts to manipulate the judiciary so as to lend substance to the scandal-mongering.

That effort will also fail. The Greek judiciary has all too often demonstrated that it operates with a sense of duty.

That does not mean that political life is not being poisoned. Even worse, the body of democracy is being wounded.