The style of a country’s governance as everyone knows impacts on social mores.

Unfortunately, the current government has a serious problem with the manner in which it wields power. Its manner is the worst possible example of the ethos of the political system in an era in which restoring trust between the citizenry and politics is more necessary than ever.

There are countless examples. One is that of the alternate health minister, whose public speech offends our political culture.

Democracy permits sharp rhetoric, but it is undermined by invective, insults, and vulgarity.

The former defence minister in both his private and public speech has a vocabulary and style that is not suitable for a democratic country.  Pronouncements such as “Wise up or I will finish you off” and “Now you will account for the 24 million euros” which the ex-defence minister reportedly wrote to the former foreign minister in a text message are more in line with the underworld than with a democratic government.

A government can either succeed or fail in its mission. However, it has no right to transform public life into a cesspool.

Those in power are obliged to maintain a certain level of dialogue in public life and to keep up appearances, which is a precondition for the smooth functioning of a democracy.

Let no one delude themselves. Everyman’s speech is never vulgar, and a cesspool will always be a cesspool.