On the road to elections, the government is pulling out all the stops.

Naturally, it tried to exploit non-performing loans and the protection from foreclosure of debtors’ primary residences, raising expectations immeasurably. Once again, the government’s self-deceptions clashed with reality and reality won out.

This is not the first time that it has happened. With the populist rhetoric that guided its thoughts and actions, the government engaged in a number of such clashes with reality. It did not abolish the bailout memorandum with a single article in a single law as it had promised.  The markets did not dance to its tune as it had predicted. Greece’s partners did not back down on austerity policies.

In short, no one adjusted to the world of the ruling party.  On the contrary, SYRIZA was forced to adjust to the real world, in turn forcing citizens to pay an extremely high price.

The essential abolition of protection of debtors’ primary residences was part of that price. The party’s slogan “no home in the hands of a banker” gave way to auctions of foreclosed properties.

The protection of homes from foreclosure under the previous government is now disappearing.

Taxpayers continue to pay the price on a number of levels, including the dashing of hopes that the government steadily and artfully cultivated.




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