One of the few promises that the Prime Minister will keep – if not the only one – is the repeated assurance that he will “proceed together until the end” with his former coalition partner.

It appears that this common course now has been sealed definitively, whether he likes it or not.

When he won the January, 2015 general election the Prime Minister chose to govern with the Independent Greeks party. Today it is clear that this was not a political decision but rather a life choice.

The tight embrace of the two coalition partners in the September, 2015 general election (the second in less than one year) signaled more than just a reaffirmation of the Prime Minister’s trust in his junior coalition partner.

In other words, SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks party experienced their joint rule as a romance. Now, we are witnessing a rupture the characteristics of which transcend politics.

The public dialogue between the two former coalition partners is not determined by arguments but rather by behaviours that evoke negative sentiments, such as mutual attacks, threats, and innuendo.

As one can understand from the disposition of the protagonists, we are still at the beginning of a rupture that will accompany the Prime Minister through the end of his term.

This honours neither the PM nor the country’s political life, which was besmirched by this romance from the start and until the very end.

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