It is hardly unusual in our country to witness an excess of political chatter and a paucity of true political speech.

Day-to-day events capture attention even as discussion of the great challenges that confront the country is dispensed with.

For the last decade, there has been a single overarching issue – the economy.

The Greek economy is at a difficult juncture, as is well known to those who monitor the country from abroad.

What are economic analysts and major financial players saying? They are underlining that political uncertainty can have an exceptionally negative impact on the course of the economy.

They are saying that holding elections as soon as possible will help protect the countless sacrifices made by Greek citizens over the last years.

The clear message is that every day of political uncertainty that goes by is a wasted day for the economy.

There is no more time to lose. It is necessary to clear up the political terrain so that the economy will not persistently face the peril of derailment.

The political fog that characterises this period must be dispelled, and that is the will of the majority of Greek society.

Greek citizens want to have a say in transcending the impasse and dispelling the fog with their vote.