A newspaper is judged by many factors. First of all it is judged by its readership, all those who pay for it on a daily basis. It is judged by its incisiveness, and the high regard that it enjoys more widely in society.

It is also judged by its stance towards those in power. When a government is annoyed (to put it mildly) by a daily, that means that the newspaper is most likely doing is job properly.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of a new era in the history of Ta Nea, when the Lambrakis Press (DOL) was bought by Alter Ego Media. One can safely say that this newspaper is worthily bearing the weight of this triple challenge.

As is demonstrated by newspapers’ circulation data, in which Ta Nea is steadfastly first and following an upward trend, its readership has lauded this effort.

Ta Nea remains a title that has lost nothing of its traditional prestige and status in Greek society. The consternation that those in power continue to express bears witness to the fact that the newspaper has risen to the occasion and is fulfiling its mission.

It will continue to do so. It will continue to inform readers and others, to serve ideas, to offer opinions, and to fuel public debate. It will continue to do so despite the war that has been unleashed against it. So be it.

In its long history, Ta Nea has become accustomed to daily battle.