Giving an accounting for politicians is not only a political issue. It is mainly social.
Politicians are not obliged to answer only to the questions posed by parties. They must answer to society if they are accused of something. They must address the citizens, to whom they owe their positions and offices.
The economic advisor of the PM, who is also his relative, must answer to the citizenry, without avoiding the issue or offering incomplete answers. He must answer on the substance of his case, and not politically, not like politicians implicated in partisan clashes, who throw the ball out of the court.
Of what importance is it that the main opposition, as he said, suffers from “neoliberal ideological fixations”?
The PM’s economic advisor’s assertion that his only crime is having the same surname with the PM is not an answer. It would have been the answer if the issue were the bad practice of nepotism in politics.

The question here is very different. It involves an act open to criticism in every way – a forged certificate of up-to-date insurance payments. It is that and only that for which he must answer, not to opposition parties or the press, whose job it is to reveal punishable acts, but to the citizens.
What is the answer?

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