There is a golden rule of international relations; you should never handle multiple issues at the same time, at least not more than you can handle. The government, however, seems to ignore -if not know- this golden rule. it tried to handle many issues at the same time. And besides this multiple act, the government tried to handle them without a certain plan or a clear goal.

On the other hand, the outcome is obvious; the government is puzzled coming into agreements that the majority disapproves, panicking the government, while declaring, out of space and time, that is about to solve other problems before having solved the first ones, deciding unilateral declarations to be answered  with hazing and dangerous bravado.

This is how we reached a point where the region of Imia is once again questionable and where two greek militants are imprisoned in Turkey. We reached a point where there are discussions about cones and plans in the borderline with Albania.

We reached a point where being identified as a macedonian has now new... owners. And we reached a point where Berlin asks for 28 millions equivalent measures because of not raising the VAT for the islands.  

The government decided to fight on four feilds. To experience itself -and of course the country- a fourfold Waterloo. It gave too many -even promises of deporting the 8 turkish militants as Ankara keeps on telling without receiving clear refutation- to receive nothing. And it keeps on giving away everything as if it believes that this attitude will be repaid with some kind of divine rescue.

Overseeing one more golden rule; that starting from Waterloo no one ever ends up winning. But if the government leaves the battlefield quickly, it can at least expecting for a descend defeat.


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