Going against the current, many young Greek scientists with brilliant prospects have decided to stay in their country and to struggle.
The latest example comes from the University of Thessaloniki and the nanotechnology lab. There, researchers have the ability as of today to conduct pioneering studies, thanks to Greece’s first three dimensional bioprinter.
This is another Greece. It is a Greece that thirsts for distinction and loves progress. Not only are they not emigrating, they are creating despite all the obstacles: the bureaucracy, clientelist relations, and nepotism, among others. It is a Greece that strongly resists all those ills that keep a society that yearns for creativity stuck in a miserable reality.
More space must be given to the Greece that excels, despite adverse conditions. Incentives must be offered to bolster it in every way.
Society and the state have a duty to invest in that Greece, as it is self-evident that the benefits will have a multiplier effect, first of all on the economic level.
At the same time, it will function as a sort of magnet for all those brilliant minds that were born in our country and, disappointed by the many obstacles – which are inconceivable for many European societies – chose to flee.

A pioneering Greece can bring back the Greece that is missing.