A 24-hour strike in Greece on Wednesday mainly affected urban transports and the large public sector, with unions demanding relief measures against rising cost-of-living and energy hikes, in the more-or-less “customary” one-day industrial action declared every November – ahead of the tabling of next year’s state budget by the government in power.

Conversely, most of the private sector and schools were unaffected, as was the financial sector.

Journalists’ unions also joined the one-day strike, as did an association representing taxi drivers/owners in the greater Athens area, although such vehicles were still seen on the streets.

At least two rallies were held in central Athens, in front of Parliament.

A work stoppage by a union representing air traffic controllers was declared illegal by an Athens first instance court, although certain flight cancellations and changes in take-off times are still in effect for Aegean Air routes, similar to ones for the latter’s subsidiary, Olympic Air.

Ferry boat routes were all cancelled due to the industrial action.