The death of renowned journalist and publisher Stavros Psycharis formally signals the end of an era, or at least of a circle, a circle of “press people” who changed Greek journalism and wielded political influence, leaving their mark on the post-regime change era (following the fall of the 1967-1974 military junta).

There were great differences between the members of this circle.

In the history of the Lambrakis Press (DOL), one had on the one hand publisher and owner Christos Lambrakis (photo, with Psycharis) and the legendary editor Leon Karapanagiotis, who were both intellectuals (and friends) who directed “from above”.

On the other hand, Stavros Psycharis was a man who had been around the block, and did not hesitate, when necessary, to soil his hands.

What they had in common was that they were all true journalists.

They served their profession with complete cognisance of their role, and the readership rewarded them.

As national politics reporter for Ta Nea, and then as Editor-in-Chief and publisher of To Vima for decades, and as the head of DOL, Psycharis experienced first-hand the effort of a government at first to control and then to muzzle voices that criticised and disputed it.

Although he may have often been contradictory or excessive, he never allowed himself to become subjugated. He never censored.

“In real life, there are successes and failures. This personal battle (of mine) may have been lost under unfavourable circumstances, but nothing happens for naught,” Psycharis wrote in his farewell press note.

This newspaper, which steadfastly remains on the ramparts, is well aware of that, just as it is aware of its duty to offer recognition and to remember.

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