The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was established in 1925.

The mathematics department was established in 1928.

It took nearly a century before a female university student, Eleni Hatzidimitriou, would graduate with an overall GPA of a perfect 10.

An important taboo was broken.

Firstly, she shattered the stereotype that women are not good at maths.

Secondly, she proved, at a time when many seek out role models by scrolling down in the accounts of influencers who present their daily lives as a product, there are still people, especially young people, whose example it is worthwhile to follow.

It is worthwhile because it demonstrates that the easy path is not necessarily the best one.

As Ms. Hatzidimitriou herself said, what intrigued her about mathematics is its difficulty, the fact that there is always something more to chase.

In an era inundated by superficial approaches to careers and character, a young woman who makes a great effort and is rewarded for it can inspire everyone, regardless of age.

She can mobilise everyone to seek and express their best selves.

She reminds us that the number of “likes” one receives is not the measure of social, professional, or personal recognition.

Her example demonstrates that we need other role models, and we have a duty to make them known when they appear.