Political consensus in Greece often seems like a utopian concept.

For the sake of partisan gain, no one seems truly prepared to take a step back from their position.

Yet, if there is one circumstance in which consensus is not merely a div of speech but a pressing need, it is in dealing with issues of national import.

We are not in a calm and relaxed period and the problems with which we are confronted are not theoretical.

Ankara has escalated its bellicose rhetoric and does not exhibit even the slightest interest in reaching an understanding.

Greece’s strong alliances and deterrent capabilities provide the Greek government with the necessary self-confidence.

The necessary condition for dealing effectively with the opposing side, however, is national unity.

For that reason, it is the duty of the entire political leadership of the country to back a united policy in fending off Turkish provocations and revisionism without backpedaling or mealy-mouthed speech.

The opposition has an obligation to tone down its rhetoric, just as the government has a duty to bolster the country through alliances and other means in the best possible manner.