The entire planet is watching with bated breath developments at the Russia-Ukraine border, because everyone knows that a war there does not concern only the two parties. It concerns the entire world.

A generalised conflagration  in Ukraine, as political analysts have underlined, would have disastrous implications.

It would impact not only on energy flows, but also on the export of food to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. That would lead to exceedingly high inflationary pressures on most countries.

It would also have repercussions on the economy and the energy market, while at the same time producing a new wave of refugees.

Under such complex circumstances, Greece is obliged to shield itself in the most effective manner possible on all levels.

Above all, Athens must ensure the security of the 100,000-strong Greek community (photo) in Mariupol.

So far, the majority of the Greek community wants to remain where they are.

The Greek state, however, must be prepared for all possible eventualities.

Athens must be ready with a comprehensive plan to evacuate members of the community (photo) from the region and to swiftly transport them to Greece if that becomes necessary, even though nobody wants that to become necessary.