Cabinet ministers are firstly the citizens’ servants and secondly party cadres.

The until yesterday minister of rural development and food seems to have forgotten that basic rule, as he was a central div in a video in which a former deputy minister in a past New Democracy government offers advice on political patronage, and the just-sacked minister touts his own offerings as a politician, and through his silence accepts the utility of political patronage.

The sacking of ex-minister Spilios Livanos (who was forced to resign) was a one-way street for the PM, who has based his political career on his stated intention of changing things, and thankfully he swiftly decided on the only option.

The video of the conversation to which the former minister was a party reflects the worst of post-regime change [after the fall of the junta in 1974] politics in Greece, when professional politicians thought they could buy off public opinion by handing out “sacks of [post-disaster] compensation money”.

Since then, many of these politicians believed that their relationship with voters was based on quid pro quos.

That model dissolved during the decade-long economic crisis. Citizens are not clients. They expect and demand policies and works that can effectively lead the country to a better future.

Voters judge every government based on its effectiveness.

Hence, all who assume government posts have a duty to act in accordance with a new model, determined by the electorate.