Whoever believes that the battle being waged by the National Health System and the state in public hospital ICUs is an opportunity for political exploitation is very wrong.

From the first moment of our collective adventure, beyond strengthening and safeguarding the country and the sense of individual responsibility, a decisive issue has been the stance of all political parties, as there was the danger that the public health crisis, which some people forget is global and evolving, would trigger a mixture of populism and irrationality that could lead to painful results.

Beyond the usual suspects, that fortunately did not happen, despite the vacillation of the main opposition party as regards vaccination.

Now that the discussion is continuing, even as we seek stronger protection against the virus, some have chosen to exploit the dead from the pandemic by using hospital ICUs and increased care units.

Even now, it would be well if they reconsider and distinguish between constructive criticism and the use of public health to produce frenzied populism.

The stance of opposition MPs in Parliament yesterday is cause for concern and raises the question of whether they have realised that they are undermining the national effort.

Fortunately, there are exceptions, politicians who understand that it is unacceptable and inconceivable to use the death of human beings as an opposition tool.

Those who have died of COVID-19 are not part of any kind of political stock market.

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