When something is, tragically, repeated frequently, one cannot speak of a chance event.

We must immediately identify the problem and pave the way for solutions.

Femicide and gender-based violence constitute a criminal violation of human rights.

There are unfortunately many such cases in our country that cause alarm and underline the need for immediate measures and care. That is because femicide is multi-faceted and cannot be explained by a single interpretation.

The discussion of the issue in the European Parliament yesterday highlighted many facets. Firstly, it is important to agree upon the term and not facilitate relativism in judging the crime. It is a singular, heinous crime with social roots and causes.

One basic cause is the patriarchal system, which is to say social relations with men exercising power over women.

The eradication of stereotypes requires long-term and focused planning, taking into account gender inequality and how to eliminate it.

It is inconceivable that in the 21st century of the digital revolution we must deal with such phenomena. What is needed is a decisive anti-crime policy combined with prevention through education.

Improving the legislative framework, continual dialogue, and informing the public about these issues could function as a basic precondition for taking a step forward.