Regardless of ideological views or differences, it is more urgent than ever for Greece’s political parties to find a modus vivendi regarding the handling of the pandemic and the public health crisis.

Even belatedly, it is worthwhile to reach an understanding and consensus in order to speed up the vaccine rollout and to expedite the new plan for compulsory vaccination [of certain groups] so that it can be enforced smoothly during the summer tourist season.

In the current resurgence of the virus, the only defence is vaccination and abiding by public health measures. Here, beyond the comprehensive plan of the government, individual responsibility plays a decisive role.

At the same time, democratically-minded parties have a responsibility as they are exponents of society, and so there is not the slightest room for divisiveness and civil war. One needs a political convergence right now that will reflect the maturity and co-responsibility of political foes.

Clearly, that does not do away with the major ideological and political differences between parties, but it is impermissible for them to leave room for the dangerous anti-vaccine current, even within the ranks of a certain party, as is the case in the main opposition.

Perhaps certain opposition politicians do not realise that the degree of seriousness in their stance today will have an impact on the entire political system in the near future.