The first photograph released by Greek authorities of the hitmen who murdered police reporter Yorgos Karaivaz – made public two days after the murder – comes from a security camera near the place where he was shot dead.

One day later, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis summoned his citizen’s protection minister, MIchalis Chrisohoidis, to ask him to expedite the investigation of a murder that he said has shocked all of Greek society.

The murder of the journalist has drawn intense international media attention.

The state appears to be moving swiftly to find the murderers of our unfortunate colleague and put them on trial.

It is crucial that the government’s determination not remain a rhetorical flourish.

The crime that was committed on Friday in a quiet neighbourhood of Athens must be solved quickly so that citizens in every neighbourhood around the country can rest assured that the culprits in such serious crimes cannot move among us freely.

The state must make it perfectly clear that no criminal will remain unpunished and that those who break the law will be swiftly put on trial.

It owes this both to the family of Yorgos Karaivaz and to citizens who demand the rule of law.