It is common knowledge that politics conceals the greatest traps in the details.

A political force or party may win as regards its grand narrative and lose as regards the moral of the story at the end.

Let us take the Greek government as an example. The COVID-19 vaccine arrived in the country on time as announced.

The planning was implemented before the end of 2020.

Citizens were made aware of "Operation Freedom" as the vehicle to end the epidemic. Hope is here,

Yet in all of the above there was a concealed detail that threatened to blow the entire plan out of the water.

It was the inept management of the vaccination of government members and state functionaries.

That ineptitude could well have reinforces a current of suspicion and repelled citizens from the political systen which needs trust in order to persuade the undecided to be vaccinated.

Fortunately, it was nipped in the bud by the prime minister.

Given the fact that the current situation and realities are critical in a variety of ways, the government must pay enormous attentio to the management of everyday issues and problems.

The demands of people have changed and the government is evaluated based on what is feasible, immediate, and effective in meeting social needs.

That is where those in power are largely judged and that is where the wager is won.

The lesson gleaned at the start of the vaccination campaign is very useful for the new year.

Those ministers who want to have somethin to show from their work in a year that the country will be tested on a variety of levels should take this seriously into account,

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