Unbelievable things in Velodrome , with referee Jesús Gil Manzano giving two penalties in favor of Marseille in 20 minutes (55 ‘, 75’), one worse than the other and the French team turning the game with Olympiacos from 0-1 at 2-1!

The Spaniard made a mess and with two penalties – a gift to the French team gave them the opportunity to bring the match upside down and take the lead in the score.

Incredible massacre of Olympiacos in France, which sees Manzano in «a dynstic way» stealing the lead from Olympiaco’s hands and giving a gift of two goals to Marseille.

It all started at 53 ‘. Manzano initially did not gave anything to Cisse’s marking on Thauvin and let the game evolve. Few seconds latter later, he though again, stopped the game and waited for the VAR to tell him what had happened. VAR did not see any penalty and Manzano decided to go to the monitor himself to see the phase.

Returning to the field, he showed the penalty spot. An incident which was never clarified, despite many replays, whether Cisse’s marking was inside or outside the area. Manzano in «a dynstic way» put Marseille back in the game, with the hosts equalizing at 1-1 with Payet.

In the 73rd minute, the Spanish referee made a mess… again. He initially gave foul on Rafinia outside the area of ​​Olympiacos and then changed his decision and showed the penalty spot… again. Second penalty in a few minutes for Marseille. A penalty that was really ridiculus decision, since the Brazilian back of Piraeus taem on the one hand has left the area of ​​Jose Sa, on the other hand there is no violation, since his hand is in a natural position!

Incredible orgies by Manzano in Velodrome, with Pedro Martins and his players watching the Spanish referee steal the victory from their hands! A victory they deserved with their appearance and the Iberian referee turning the game around, first with the penalty with which Marseille equalized and then with a second penalty, with which the French made it 2-1.