“Toleration is impermissible,” our editorial last Friday underlined regarding the fascistic attack against the rector of Athens’ Economic University (ASOEE).

The repulsive photograph released by the culprits after their action makes it clear that a universal reaction is urgently needed.

The photo shows rector Dimitris Bourantonis with his head hanging down and sitting at a desk with a notebook in front of him and a hand on his right shoulder. He is holding with both hands a sign hung around his neck with rope stating «SOLIDARITY with OCCUPATIONS» (photo).

From now on whoever remains silent in the face of such actions is co-responsible. Whoever tolerates them shares the guilt.

We hear statements condemning the act everywhere.

Whether these statements are categorical or accompanied by provisos regarding the need to combat government policy they must be backed with concrete actions.

Violence in universities was tolerated by the previous government due to its ideological fixations and eradicating it should have been a top priority for the current liberal government that succeeded it.

Yet, despite grand declarations none of the measures that have been discussed were implemented, including the establishment of a campus police force or the mandatory display of an ID in order to enter university campuses and buildings.

One sees resistance and objections, some of which are legitimate, and then we forget about the issue until the next provocation, whether that be vandalism or an attack on yet another rector.

This cannot go on. Our country must decisively fend off every form of totalitarian behaviour, as President Katerina Sakellaropoulou characterised the attack on the rector.

There is an urgent need to arrest the culprits and guard the university I order to avert any repetition by copycats as these are trying times.