As of today tourists from countries that were hit harder by the pandemic crisis will be allowed to enter Greece as flights have been freed up.

It is just one albeit extremely important step toward us winning the bet on making this summer as successful as possible.

Tourism is Greece’s heavy industry.

It affects the entire Greek economy, investment, various economic sectors, and public revenues.

Hence this summer poses a huge challenge and that requires unity, responsibility, and discipline.

The government has a ready plan that will be tailored to international developments on the coronavirus front. The health protocols exist as do measures that must be enforced.

What remains is the need for collective responsibility and awareness of the fact that we are at a fragile juncture.

The Prime Minister himself in a message of optimism and seriousness pressed the restart button in internationally famed Santorini.

The government’s plan does not suffice without businesses and individuals being responsible.

On the other hand, personal sacrifices on the islands and other tourist destinations require the care of the central government.

The delicate balance that we must keep as of today must benefit public health and the economy at the same time as the two are linked inextricably.

Given the fact that Greece did very well in the first phase of the pandemic we can do it again now.

The government has a plan and is advised by top scientists. It is also backed by public opinion.

We can do it!