The programme unveiled yesterday by main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras entitled “We Remain Standing II” (the first being his social policy while in power) will be judged not only by its content but also its trustworthiness.

Certainly the opposition must judge and check the government.

At the same time it is judged by citizens and the media.

In a democracy no political force can be immune to criticism as democracy is a process of continual judging and checks on power in which the judges are also judged themselves.

That does not mean that the opposition should not do its job, which includes tabling an alternative governmental proposal as it is a shadow government.

It must always be ready when conditions require to assume power.

In that context the programme presented by Mr. Tsipras yesterday at Zappeion Hall in Athens is an exercise in readiness and an act that entails responsibilities to the Greek people.

The era of irresponsible opposition and cunning candidates is gone for good.

Today, the guide is not grand rhetoric but rather the interests of the country and the paramount aim of shielding it against any danger.

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