Whichever way you may view where we stand in the battle against the coronavirus epidemic in Greece, either as the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end, April will be a tough month.

The coming weeks will further test society’s psychological and economic endurance.

A growing fatigue has prevailed even though each day that passes will bring us closer to the desired clearing.

The precondition for that, however, is faithful adherence to existing public health measures including tough restrictions of movement put in place by the health ministry.

We must show strength and virtues such as patience because that is the only way to proceed with the greatest degree of safety as we approach a gradual lifting of the restrictive measures.

Only in this manner can we hope that May will signal a gradual return to normalcy and the rhythm of daily life.

Any laxity in this critical period could prove catastrophic in the future and bring the country to the point of no return.

The experts constantly stress that as does the government.

The overwhelming majority of Greek society accepts that reality as well.

There is no other solution.

We must all get through this difficult month with full cognisance of the dangers and pitfalls because only by enduring the trials of April can we hope to reach a clearing in May.