Greek society is not an exception to the rule as regards the crucial issue of vaccination.

A substantial segment of the population is charmed by conspiracy theories and paradoxes that flood the web.

One encounters such phenomena everywhere, including video platforms, the social media, and supposedly expert sites that deceive readers with unscientific theories and bogus studies.

Vaccination is unfortunately all too often the subject of dangerous misinformation.

In that context it is very positive that nearly three million Greeks were administered the flu vaccine.

They shut their ears to dangerous Sirens and all sorts of “experts” who for commercial gain deceive the public.

At last it seems that reason is prevailing over belief and superstition.

Once they ignore the Sirens citizens cannot but trust science and the doctors that serve it.

This is exceptionally important because protection against transmissible diseases such as the flu and childhood ailments concerns not only individuals but society as a whole.

It is a matter of public health.

By being administered a vaccine citizens protect not only themselves but also their narrow and broader environment.

Although vaccines are optional we are all obliged to thoroughly think the issue through.