The decision to administer antiviral drugs only with a doctor’s prescription confirmed Ta Nea’s report about a shortage in the market and vindicates the decision of the editorial team to make it a front-page story as it concerns an issue of public health.

Citizens have the right to be completely informed about the means of protection at their disposal.

It is the duty of the state to do whatever is necessary to have at least a sufficient supply if not an abundance of such means of protection.

Shortages cannot be addressed by requiring a physician’s prescription as that is simply a restrictive measure.

Easy access should be ensured at the very least during periods in which there is an outbreak of viruses which in some instances can prove fatal.

Shielding public health is the highest duty of any contemporary state.

It has been proven time and time again that one cannot protect public health without ensuring transparency and informing citizens.

The state is obliged to have thorough knowledge of the situation so that citizens and especially vulnerable groups can know exactly what is going on.

Public health cannot be protected in shadows.