The previous government had forbidden access to refugee camps such as Moria.

The reason was obvious and is confirmed by recent events. According to a BBC report children who live there injure themselves and attempt to commit suicide.

That is the reality that the previous government wanted to hide even though the ruling party in the past had exhibited great sensitivity on such issues.

Greece now has a new government and in view of these tragic incidents its job is not to assign the possibly huge responsibilities to the previous government which managed great amounts of EU funding.

The government must do everything humanly possible to eradicate this phenomenon and more generally to improve living conditions in the camps.

The entire Greek political system should vindicate President Prokopis Pavlopoulos who said that in this land there is a rich spirit of humanitarianism.

That means that the government must focus on this problem and find solutions.

It also means that the opposition should stop peddling easy sensitivity. It closed the Amygdaleza facility due to that supposed sensitivity and all it managed to do is to replace it with new Morias.