It is inconceivable that individuals who have Greek citizenship and are registered on the electoral rolls and live abroad permanently or temporarily are denied the sacred right to vote.

At the same time it is inconceivable for a contemporary state not to ensure this right which so many other countries do internationally.

A basic right is violated and Greece is exposed.

That is why the draft legislation allowing Greek abroad to vote should be backed by all parliamentary parties.

There is no room for petty partisan tactics and calculations on this issue.

Thousands of Greek citizens who over the last years left the country to seek employment elsewhere and are building a career or studying in other countries have the right to express themselves with their vote.It would be well if many of them were to return to Greece to contribute to the country’s recovery. Many want to and they should have a say in the country’s future.The state should have provided this right to expatriate Greeks years ago.

The time has come for the country’s political parties to exhibit generosity and above all to stand up for democratic standards.