It is a wager that must be won.

Support for entrepreneurship cannot and should not be given in conditions of a labour jungle.

The revival of the market cannot and should not be achieved with employees held hostage to black labour and employers’ avoidance of insurance contributions, as such conditions and terms are not permissible under the rule of law in contemporary states.

It is well that the current and previous governments placed great emphasis on combating undeclared labour.

Addressing this issue was a programmatic aim of the previous government.

The current PM was also clear in his recent speech at TIF when he declared no growth is acceptable when it is gained at the expense of labour rights.

Certainly, declarations do not suffice. Arduous work and constant checks are necessary to find undeclared labour.

The electronic card that the government intends to introduce at the start of 2020 is a first step as it will register the time of a part-time worker’s entry and exit from the workplace.

Still, a single measure is not enough. On needs a series of analogous measures.

Above all, it is necessary for workersto feel that the state and auditing mechanisms stand beside them so that they can advocate without fear their rights vis a vis the arbitrary actions of employers.