Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Parliament today announced that capital controls imposed in June, 2015, following the Tsipras’ administration’s botched negotiations with Greece’s creditors and EU have as of today fully lifted.

“Today I am announcing that yet another of our electoral platform pledges is being implemented and indeed ahead of schedule. In cooperation with the Bank of Greece we are completely restoring normalcy in the movement of capital. At last today a protracted cycle of insecurity is ending definitively and a new cycle for Greece’s future is beginning,” the PM said.

Naturally, the move was preceded by the requisite approval of the European Central Bank.

Mitsotakis also spoke of the government’s efforts to cut expenditures in areas such as ERT state-run television’s contracts for the transmission of athletic events and he also referred to the removal of the refuse from fire-stricken Mati.

Mitsotakis said ERT saved 35mn euros from the renegotiation of the rights to transmit football matches.