There is often a chaotic distance between words and deeds.

The words of French President Emmanuel Macron to PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis when he visited the presidential mansion in Paris bear the force of deeds.

“We are aware of the tensions Greece faces in the Eastern Mediterraean. The Eastern Mediterranean makes your country important in the region. Solidarity is required as regards Turkey’s activity in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The European Union and France will not exhibit weakness on this issue,” Macron declared.

That statement does only display patently obvious support for Greece.

It displays the spirit of the founding fathers of the EU, whose members have solidarity, have no reason to maintain internal borders, and recognise that they have common external borders.

It demonstrates the understanding that faced with a world of old and emerging super-powers Europe cannot but tread the path of solidarity and unity.

Macron from the start exhibited a decisive spirit in outlining the values which the EU should have.

In this regard his speech in Pnyka under the Acropolis is historic.

One hopes that this spirit will be shared by Germany as well.

A capable leadership must be imbued with a sense responsibility and not fear.