During the years of the crisis Greek citizens shouldered a huge tax burden.

Those who did not have the means to hide their incomes – salaried employees and pensioners – bore the bulk of the burden.

These two categories of citizens were confronted with an unprecedented tax burden, and freelance professionals paid a high price as well.

They paid up to 80% of their income in taxes and insurance contributions.

The tax breaKs that will come into effect in the coming year can only be welcomed as a step in the right direction.
Households need a breather – if not to improve the living conditions of their members at least to be improve their daily living conditions.

Businesses have a similar need for tax breaks so as to invest and create new jobs.

Tax breaks bolster the need for consumption which is necessary in order to restart the economy.

That does not mean that the rich should not be taxed – there is no other way for the state to offer services to its citizens.
Yet, it is the responsibility of the state to tax wealth justly and to find the wealth whose holders of hide it.
This is necessary for the traditional beasts of buden to stop carrying the burden for an entire state.