The recent catastrophic fires that occurred in Siberia in an area which according to reporters is as large as Belgium raise conerns and alarm bells about constant climate change internationally.

This raises new questions about the handling of new catastrophes that arise internationally.

One may criticise the Russian government and Russian authorities over their enormous inaction in handling the destruction of Siberia, yet the issue is deeper.

The urgent issue is the international, collaborative handling of disasters through a new “Environmetalist International”.

What is needed here is not simply a new and modernised political protection mechanism which will begin with municipalities and will end with the plans of central governments.

Now our duty is to create an international, coordinated centre by marshaling all forces.

What is most important is the creation of a new international conscience that will take into account the fact that asymmetrical challenges are here and that one must be serious in confronting new crises.

Climate change is not merely a general term often used by politicians who belatedly discovered their environmental sensitivities.

It is an existent new reality with inconceivable ramifications for the earth and our lives.

It is no coincidence that top scientists project population migration due to the climate, disasters, and the transformation of large urban centres.

A new vigilance and a new central plan are necessary for citizens, governments, and the planet.

All that is contingent upon whether we truly can marshal a new vigilance and a new central environmental plan for citizens and governments, both nationally and internationally.

A new vigilance and creating a new central plan are mandatory and urgent for the citizens and governments of the planet.