Let us note something positive. The National Bank of Greece today announced measures to reward reliable debtors

Yet, there are citizens who repay their loan debts and do not opt for favourable arrangements, arrangements that are not condemnable due to the economic recession, and they are not debtors who burden the entire system.

There are many arrangements for rewards, the most important of which is the payment of a segment of interest contributions at the end of the year. That could contribute to citizens paying their back taxes.

At a critical juncture that means that there will be a substantial lightening of the repayment burden, and that a substantial segment of the population may be encouraged to pay their delinquent taxes.

One could say that this initial step signals that something is moving in the right direction as regards the banking system.

However one may aslo say that in the midsummer period it is a positive sign regarding the climate and spirit of the economy.

Let us not forget that all these responsible citizens were not simply good clients all this while for banks and that inter-relations have developed between them.

They are the foudations of economic recovery.

At the same time the banking system is moving toward the development of an “excellent clientele” and of survival in a competitive economic environment.

It is the basis of an economic recovery even as the banking system moves in the direction of an excellent clientele and of the competitiveness that the economy needs.

All this is occurring at a time when households are struggling to recover economically and to see a ray of light and a reward for their great material sacrifices.