The head of Greece’s Geodynamic Institute Akis Tselentis has warned of the prospect of a strong earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale in Athens.

“We must all be prepared,” Tselentis said. “We have a beast near us. The Alkionides [islands on the eastern side of the Corinthian Gulf] at some point will groan and woe be unto us. We must be prepared,” he stated.

Regarding commentary that buildings in Athens proved able to withstand the 5.1 Richter temblor Tselentis said, “Everyone said that Athens endured. It did not endure. Imagine if there were an earthquake that was 6 on the Richter scale, in other words 30 times greater in magnitude.”

The head of the geodynamic institute said that the 5.1 Richter temblor was the main earthquake and that the succession of smaller quakes was normal.

Tselentis said that the 5.1 Richter earthquake was indeed strongly felt.

The main one and that the post-earthquake seismic activity was receding.Yet, he added that one cannot exclude yet another strong quake that could prove dangerous.

At the same time, Tselentis denounced the president of the Organisation of Anti-Earthquake planning and Protection (OASP), Efthimios Lekkas.

“It is wrong that he is the president of OASP. A geologist cannot serve as chief of such an organisation,’ he declared.