Judging by the political programme that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis tabled in Parliament it appears that the overarching aim of the government is to produce as soon as possible palpable results for society as a whole and citizens individually.

That is the rationale upon which the economic measures that the PM announced, including a cut in the ENFIA real estate tax this year, was based.

That move gives taxpayers a necessary breather, not only because citizens have shouldered excessive tax burdens, but also because the economy as a whole is in desperate need of stimulus measures.

That was acknowledged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said that the Greek government’s programme offers better growth prospects.

Naturally, Greece remains bound by the high primary surplus targets to which the previous government signed on.

At least for the next two years the current government has the responsibility to meet those targets – 3.5 percent of GDP annually.

The targets must be met in order to maintain the momentum of the positive climate that has ben created and which is reflected in the markets’ stance toward Greece.

Our country has to a great extent regained its credibility, and for that reason no relief measure should undermine that accomplishment.

That is the only way – if the country can manage to renegotiate primary surplus targets – for the economy to make leaps forward.