The report submitted to the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office by the Greek Council for Refugees regarding charges of illegal and violent pushbacks of mainly Turkish refugees in the Evros border region leaves a very bitter aftertaste.

The current ruling party in the past had raised the banner for the protection of human rights, constantly unleashed charges about migrants’ poor living conditions, and demanded all manner of assistance for asylum seekers.

Is it possible for the same SYRIZA party to now shut the door on supplicants and send them back to hell?

Is it possible for organisations that were linked to the party – and public divs with the same ideological outlook – which once pushed for respect for the rights of migrants to remain silent today?

Is it possible for party loyalty to override personal sensitivity and for ideological mobilisation to override the effort to address the issue in a principled manner?

It appears that it is.

This stance of the government and its supporters can only be described as hypocrisy.

Nevertheless, one must not allow other supplicants to fall prey to this hypocritical stance.

The charges of the Greek Council for Refugees should be investigated in depth by the competent organs of the state, which must attribute responsibility.

That is because human rights were blatantly violated.

It is also because those responsible for this lawlessness exposed a country that wants others to know that it abides by the rule of law.