The party that was trounced in recent elections and any political party that aspires to govern should know that citizens are no longer willing to issue blank checks.

One may safely conclude that the electorate votes more to punish the outgoing government and less to reward the incoming one.

Their vote is the product of disappointment in the existing situation and not of hopes pinned on the next government.

That is precisely what SYRIZA did not comprehend four years ago.

The truth be told, SYRIZA cultivated a euphoric climate of excessive optimism which was reflected more in the result of the referendum on the third bailout memorandum and less in its general election results.

That polling difference should have been enough for the government to be able to read voters’ intentions.

Instead, it governed with the illusion that it had been given a blank check to do whatever it pleased and that in the end it would be viewed as simply having cashed the check, albeit irresponsibly.

The results became apparent four years later. The government’s madly irresponsible behaviour was rejected with a vengeance by voters.

During its four years in power the ruling party created dissatisfaction with the government’s policies in society and a loathing of the government itself.

It would be wrong, however, for any party to believe that it will not be equally loathed if it exhibits a similar moral stance and demeanour.

The era of blank checks and irresponsibility is over.





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