Staying put in our microcosm does not keep us from seeing the big picture in the world but it hinders us from understanding that we ourselves are part of the larger world in the sense that what occurs elsewhere affects us.
The cause is not chaos theory or the flight of a butterfly in California which brings a torrent to Japan.

The cause is that the broader world is becoming increasingly smaller.

Brexit is a characteristic example. More and more UK citizens are concerned about the repercussions that either an orderly or disorderly exit will have on their lives. That concern is not limited to the other side of the English Channel.

Europe as a whole should be concerned, as should Greece in particular which is a country that brings in tourists and exports university students and young scientists.

Given the fact that Greece’s heavy industry is tourism, one can only be concerned about the fact that many British tourists are canceling their reservations.

That in turn is linked to the return of neighbouring Turkey to the tourism map.

There are also concerns about the future of Greek citizens who are studying or working in Britain in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

No one should merely look on as a spectator in the face of all that is going on in the UK.

This applies all the more to thre government, which has a duty to protect and guarantee Greek interests.

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