Even in trying times, or rather even more so then, a state has a duty to make the smooth operation of the healthcare system a top priority. That is the minimum obligation of a society towards those who are confronted with and suffer from health problems. That is mandated by the principles of humanitarianism and social solidarity.

The current government has repeatedly violated these principles. The political leadership of the health ministry preoccupies itself on the social media with commentary that is unrelated to the healthcare sector which it manages. When it is not unabashedly attacking the other powers and institutions of the state, it calls for the imprisonment of the government’s political enemies.

Meanwhile, the hospital on the island of Zakynthos has no children’s health clinic. At the public hospital in Kilkis, in the province of Macedonia, part of the infrastructure is crumbling.

Today’s report in the daily Ta Nea highlights yet another link in the chain of problems that demonstrate that the Greek Health System is ailing terribly.

Even worse, the government appears unable to do what is necessary to maintain the current level of services, let alone to improve it.

On the contrary, the services and infrastructure of the healthcare system are continually deteriorating, often with tragic results.

Our fellow human beings are already suffering from the illnesses that afflict them. It is unacceptable for that pain to be aggravated by the incompetence and indifference of those whose duty it is to do everything possible to ameliorate their pain.