A broad majority in a plenary session of the European Parliament approved a resolution to support the fire-ravaged area of Mati, Attica, with EU funding.

The resolution was jointly drafted by Greek MEPs Nikos Androulakis and Nikos Hountis.

Androulakis, a top cadre of the centre-left Movement for Change party, told News 24/7 that the resolution provides for the immediate use of the EU Solidarity Fund, to repair the damage from the fire and to push forward anti-flooding works, so as to avoid a catastrophe in the winter.

“We also want to stress that the negotiations regarding the upgrading of the European Civil Protection Mechanism should proceed immediately, as it will help Greece advance more fire-fighting works over the coming years with EU funds,” Androulakis said.

Asked about PM Alexis Tsipras’ address to the European Parliament Parliament, the MEP said that it targeted the Greek domestic audience.

“We have entered a pre-electoral policy, which will heighten internal clashes. The PM came to the European Parliament and did not even discuss European developments or any plan for the post-bailout era in the Greek economy,’ Androulakis said.

Regarding European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union address, Androulakis focused on the statements on the migration issue, noting that if the Dublin Regulation is not revised, Greece and Italy will be in for difficult years, due to the increase of refugee and migrant flows.